• Posted on: 3 February 2016
  • By: FeaginOwen

It will be bathing suit and sundress time before you know it.  You had breast implants years ago and they still look and feel natural.  But, as we age, we develop wrinkling in the cleavage area of the chest, the décolletage area. 
We have effective techniques to fight wrinkling on the face and neck, but what works in this location?
Fat grafts do! Wrinkling in the upper chest is a combination of loss of elasticity in the skin and loss of fat just beneath the skin.  Fat, harvested from places where you have too much can then be placed just deep to the skin in the cleavage area to smooth out those wrinkles.
Just like the fat used to enhance your bottom, face, and breasts, this fat lives on to remain part of you; giving your décolletage the youthful look you desire.