Thinking about Breast Augmentation?

  • Posted on: 10 February 2015
  • By: admin

Thinking about Breast Augmentation? Frustrated with shopping for bathing suits? Wish fun clothes came in your size? Tired of buying clothes that just fit your body but not your bust? Wonder if there is a breast exercise that could be as effective as those you have done for the rest of your body?
Breast enlargement with your newest generation implants can help with all the above concerns. Saline, round gel, and anatomic (tear drop) gel implants are all available in our practice to better achieve the look and feel you desire.
Implants alone are not the only requirement for a successful operation. We listen to your wishes and concerns and incorporate them into your operation plan. We do not ascribe to the "if big is good, bigger is better" philosophy. On the other hand, if very large implants are your desire, we will educate you on the long term consequences of that decision before proceeding with the surgery.
Breast tissue shrinks with age and very large implants accelerate that process. This is especially common in slender women with thin breast tissue. Large implants lead to thinning breast tissue coverage over the implants. The implant becomes palpable and sometimes visible through the skin. This is a difficult and expensive problem to correct but we do have a procedure that addresses it effectively.
In addition, very large implants increase the odds of loosing nipple sensation.
Women in our practice who have had their breasts enlarged are some of our most satisfied patients. We listen carefully to your wishes and concerns and together with you, devise an operative plan to achieve your goals. We invite you to allow us the opportunity to help you, this year, realize the breasts you desire.