Mastopexy with Implants (Individual Result May Vary)





These are before and after photographs of augmentation breast surgery with a mastopexy on the left side.  This is a broad-shouldered and statuesque young lady who is 5’4” tall.  She was a 34B.  She had gotten as large as a D with her pregnancies.  She wanted her breasts back to the size that she was during her pregnancies.  Her left breast was larger and the crease lower compared to the right side.  She tried various implants and like something in the mid 400cc range.  The left side would require a mastopexy to center the nipple areolar complex over the breast mound.  She underwent breast surgery with bilateral breast implants using Natrelle SRM, Inspira smooth surface gel implants.  We put in 445cc on the right side and 405cc on the left.  I also did a left-sided mastopexy.  She had an uneventful recovery.  She has nice symmetry and good projection.  Her scars are flat and soft.  The nipple areolar complex is better positioned on the left side.  She is a D cup in most bra lines and DD in some.  She has gotten a nice result and is very pleased.





This is a 30YO lady who has had post partum involution of the breasts.  The breasts are droopy and she desires to have more fullness and the breasts uplifted and reshaped. 

She underwent a mastopexy with an augmentation.  This has allowed her to have more superior fullness and a better shape to the breasts.  Now the breasts are pointing anteriorly and in a proper position. 





This is lady that I saw for some contouring surgery.  She had been on a weight loss program that included exercise which pretty much plateaued.  She wanted improvement in her breasts, flanks, and abdomen.  She had a relatively square torso, slight abdominal pannus with a rounded abdomen, and a diastasis (separation of the rectus muscles in the midline).  Her flank collections were moderate.  She had good projection on her buttocks.  She had a significant amount of fat inside her abdominal cavity which does limit how tight you can get the diastasis repair.  She underwent a series of operations.  The first was augmentation/mastopexy.  She wanted her breasts larger and back up on her chest.  In her case, we were able to accomplish that with scars about the circumference of the areola.  She retained nipple sensation.  Her breasts are now bigger and much fuller that no longer rest on her abdomen.  She subsequently underwent an abdominoplasty with some suctioning of her flanks.  The suctioning of the flanks was mainly to help define the iliac crest.  The muscles were repaired and the excess skin was excised.  This also had the secondary benefit of elevating and flattening the mons pubis.  She is shown 2 months post operatively from the abdominoplasty and suctioning.  She still has some swelling in the lower abdomen and across the flanks which will continue to improve over time.  The operation has helped define her waist and made her breasts more proportional to her body size and shape.





This is a 45YO lady from Andalusia who desired some cosmetic improvement of her breasts.  She had lost the fullness in her breasts and the nipples were starting to point inferiorly.  She underwent a mastopexy with implants.  Her breasts are now perky and she has much more superior fullness. 





This is a young female that is 5’3” tall and weighs 145lbs.  She is a 36A.  She has had two pregnancies.  She had breasts with a somewhat tight inframammary crease and a deflated skin sleeve with ptotic nipple areolar complexes.  She underwent a superior crescent augmentation/mastopexy.  A small crescent of redundant skin was removed around the circumference of the areola and facilitated moving the nipple up and centering it on her breast implants.  She got significant improvement in her upper contour with breasts that match her body contour and defined waistline.  She is a DD and has been extremely pleased with the results.





This is a 30ish female that I am seeing for consideration for a breast augmentation.  After the birth of her child, she had lost some fullness in the upper poles of the breasts.  Her issues were to get her breasts back up on her chest and off her abdomen as well as gain some projection and symmetry.  The left breast was considerably larger than her right breast.  She underwent an augmentation/mastopexy with saline implants using a 450cc implant on the right side and 400cc on the left.  Her post operative pictures are 2 months out.  Her nipples have remained sensate.  The breasts are more symmetrical on her chest.  She is a 36D.  She has gotten a very nice result.  She is quite pleased with the results.





This is a lady that has had multiple children that resulted in loss of volume in the breasts with droopiness.  The nipple areolar complexes are large and the inframammary creases are high and tight with very little side to side redundancy.  She was seen and evaluated before surgery which gave her and her husband the opportunity to try various implant sizes.  We were ultimately able to get 400cc gel implants placed.  This gave her significant upper pole fullness without seeing the outline of the implant.  It took several months for the tightness in the lower half of the breasts to relax and roll out to give a symmetrical feminine shape.  Her photographs postoperatively are 2 months after her surgery.  The scars are flat and soft.  The darkened color is beginning to fade.  The implants remain soft and displace nicely.  Symmetry and shape is excellent.





This is a 65YO lady who wished her breasts enlarged and back up on her chest. She specifically wanted a significant amount of upper pole fullness. She has several medical problems that were managed with medications. She is 5'2" tall and weighs 165lbs. She is a 38D. Her mammograms were normal. She had very stretchy tissue and decided to downsize her expectation in hopes of maintaining her appearance for a longer time. She ultimately underwent an augmentation/mastopexy with saline implants filled to 450cc. In addition, we excised her prominent lateral chest wall folds. The nipple areolar complex was pedicled and healed without difficulty. She got a nice result with much improved projection and fullness of the breasts. She now has a more attractive shape.


Before n After  PATIENT 42-MA


This lady came to our office wishing her breast appearance returned to her pre-pregnancy size and shape. She has had two pregnancies and was a 34D before her pregnancies and is now smaller than a C cup with breast that has fallen off her chest. She had extremely stretchy skin which will often not hold up well over time with implants that are too large. Ultimately, we decided on a little smaller implant than she originally desired in hopes that her breasts would maintain a better shape for a longer period of time. Post operative pictures are 2 months after her surgery. Her breast size is a small D. She has maintained nipple sensation. The symmetry is good. She has slight upper pole fullness that is easily accentuated with clothing.