This is 45YO lady that was having problems in her flank area.  She had a lot of trouble with getting clothes to fit.  She says that it looks like she doesn’t have any shape in her waist area.  She says that her pants ride high.  She desires to have the hour glass figure to her waist.  The patient underwent liposuction of the flank and waist area.  As you can see from the pre op and post op photographs, she now has a very good shape to her waist.  Now the flanks are significantly smaller.  This makes her have more of an hourglass figure.  Now her clothes fit her much better.

The remarkable thing about liposuction is that she will always have these proportions.  Liposuction is a permanent procedure.  If she maintains relatively the same weight, she will always maintain this good shape that she has. 






This is a 40YO lady who had excessive fat in the abdominal area, waist, bra, and back area.  She says that she has tried dieting and has had a lot of trouble losing weight in these areas.  She desired liposuction of the abdomen, lateral chest, and back. 

You can see in the pre-op and post-op photographs that she has had a significant improvement in these areas.  The fat that is removed by liposuction will not reoccur in that area.  As you can tell on the side view of this patient, the extra bra fat in this area has been eliminated.






This is an 18YO young lady who had problems with her waist area.  She was not an overweight girl, but she could not lose weight in the waist area.  She had extra fat in the flanks and in the abdomen.  She underwent liposuction.  She now looks obviously much smoother and shapelier.  She can now wear clothes that couldn’t wear in the past. 

Liposuction gives a permanent result unlike dieting.  She can now wear any type of swimsuit or clothing that she desires to accentuate her waist. 






This is a lady that had a lot of excessive fat in the flank area as well as loose skin and fat in the abdomen.  She had a very flat buttock.  She wanted liposuction of the flanks and fat injections into the buttocks.  This was done and now she has a much better shape of the waist area and a projecting buttock.  This fat has been in there over 2 months.  Usually fat injections will live and remain in place permanently after they have been in place for around 2 months.




This is a lady who had bulging in the flank area and the lateral thigh area.  She also had a marked indention between the chest and flank area.  She underwent SAFE liposuction of the flanks and lateral thighs.  This has now smoothed off the flank area and made the transition from the flank going down to the lateral thighs much smoother.  She doesn’t bulge in the lateral thigh are anymore. 

When fat is removed from problem areas, it will not come back to these areas unless there is a significant weight gain by the patient.



This is a 35YO lady that has bulging of the medial thighs.  The inside of the thighs rub together whenever she wears pants.  There is no gap between the inner thighs.  After the liposuction, her shorts, pants, and swimsuits fit much better.  She no longer has the bulging and her thighs do not rub together.  All in all, she got a nice result and her thighs have a much better shape.



This is a 35YO lady that desires shaping of the knee and calf area.  When I examined her preoperatively, her knees are somewhat fatty medially and also the inside of the calves are straight with no shape to them.  She underwent some liposuction of the inside of the knee area with fat injections to the inside of the calves.  The fat has given her some shape to her calves now and they are fuller on the inside with a more muscular shape.  The knees are smaller and look more attractive in appearance due to the liposuction.  Overall, this will improve the look of her legs in shorts and dresses.  This procedure is done as an outpatient.


Before n After  PATIENT 18-L



This is a 35 year old from Bainbridge, GA who desires some cosmetic improvement of her abdomen. She complains of a protuberant abdomen with no shape to the waist. She has two options, one being liposuction and the other is an abdominoplasty. She did not have the two weeks it requires to be off work to have an abdominoplasty so she elected to do the liposuction. This allowed her to return to work in 2-3 days. Preoperatively, you can tell that the abdomen is quite protuberant on the lateral view. On the frontal view, she is thick in the flank area and doesn't have a good waist. She underwent liposuction of the abdomen and flank area. She now has a flat abdomen on the lateral view. On the frontal view, you can see a marked decrease in the amount of fat in the central abdomen and also in the lateral abdomen. Her waist went down is size about 4 inches. Thus, she can now wear clothes she couldn't wear previously. The advantage of weight loss with liposuction is that you get a permanent result. The fat will not return to the abdominal area and waist area. Dieting and exercise only gives people a temporary result. As soon as you go off your diet or decrease exercise, the fat returns. However with liposuction, it doesn't require any dieting or exercise and is permanent.


Before n After  PATIENT 17-L


This is a 40YO lady from Destin, FL who desires some cosmetic improvement of her buttocks and flank area. She has some fullness in the flank area as well as some indentions in the lower thoracic and lumbar area of the back. She also did not have as much fullness in the buttocks as she desired. She underwent liposuction of the flanks and fat grafts to the buttocks area. 400cc of fat was injected into each buttock.


She is now much happier with the shape of the flank area and the fullness of her buttocks. This procedure is done as an outpatient procedure at the hospital.


Before n After  PATIENT 16-L

This is a 29-year-old lady who had significant lipodystrophy of the flank area. She 

This is a 29-year-old lady who had significant lipodystrophy of the flank area. She noted bulging in her clothes and swimsuits when she would try to wear anything that was tight. She underwent liposuction of the flank area. This now reshaped her so that she is not so bulging in the flank area. This procedure is done as an outpatient.