Liposuction (Individual Result May Vary)



This is 45YO lady that was having problems in her flank area.  She had a lot of trouble with getting clothes to fit.  She says that it looks like she doesn’t have any shape in her waist area.  She says that her pants ride high.  She desires to have the hour glass figure to her waist.  The patient underwent liposuction of the flank and waist area.  As you can see from the pre op and post op photographs, she now has a very good shape to her waist.  Now the flanks are significantly smaller.  This makes her have more of an hourglass figure.  Now her clothes fit her much better.

The remarkable thing about liposuction is that she will always have these proportions.  Liposuction is a long lasting procedure.  If she maintains relatively the same weight, she will always maintain this good shape that she has. 






This is a 40YO lady who had excessive fat in the abdominal area, waist, bra, and back area.  She says that she has tried dieting and has had a lot of trouble losing weight in these areas.  She desired liposuction of the abdomen, lateral chest, and back. 

You can see in the pre-op and post-op photographs that she has had a significant improvement in these areas.  The fat that is removed by liposuction will not reoccur in that area.  As you can tell on the side view of this patient, the extra bra fat in this area has been eliminated.






This is an 18YO young lady who had problems with her waist area.  She was not an overweight girl, but she could not lose weight in the waist area.  She had extra fat in the flanks and in the abdomen.  She underwent liposuction.  She now looks obviously much smoother and shapelier.  She can now wear clothes that couldn’t wear in the past. 

Liposuction gives a long lasting result unlike dieting.  She can now wear any type of swimsuit or clothing that she desires to accentuate her waist. 



This is a 22YO lady from Bainbridge, Georgia that desires some cosmetic improvement of her neck.  When I evaluate her side view, she has a very obtuse neck.  There is no definition to her jaw line.  Her chin also appears to be weak.  Patients with this issue can be greatly improved with liposuction of the neck and a small chin implant.  By doing this, there is more definition of the jaw line with more curvature to the neck.  The fat is liposuctioned and will not reoccur giving her years of a more youthful neck.  This procedure is done in the office with IV sedation.






This is a 32YO lady from Bainbridge, Georgia that desired some cosmetic improvement of her waist and buttocks area.  She has a moderate amount of fat in the flank area.  She has tried dieting but could not get any significant decrease in the waist circumference.  She noticed that her pants seemed to ride high because of the bulging in the love handle area. 

She underwent SAFE liposuction of the love handle area and abdomen with fat grafts to the buttocks.  As you can see, there is marked improvement in the shape of the waist and buttocks.

Fat grafting is where we remove fat from one area, process it, and inject it into an area that needs some more projection.  This helps improve contouring of the body.  Usually, about half of the fat will live permanently.  The fat does not live is reabsorbed by the body.



This is a 35YO lady from Destin, FL.  She was interested in getting some improvement of the contour in the bra area as well as in her flank area.  She had some deep rolls in her back with indentions that she wished improved.

She underwent S.A.F.E. liposuction of the flank and bra area.  You can tell that these areas have a much better shape now.  We have almost now eliminated the deep creases that she had in her lateral back area. 

S.A.F.E. liposuction is a procedure that we do wide loosening of the fat and tissue and removal excessive fat.  We seem to get much better contouring with this type of liposuction.  Also, it also seems to be much safer than ultrasonic and smart liposuction.





This is a middle aged lady that wished some improvement in her truncal contour, specifically her flanks.  In the oblique pre-operative views you can see how the upper aspect of her buttock blends into her flank.  This gives a “V” shape of the backside as opposed to the more feminine “S” shape as visualized in her post operative photos.  This is especially evident in the oblique pictures.  The suctioning of the flanks gave her more definition to the buttocks, narrowed the waist, and gave more definition to the waist.  Clothes fit her much better now.  Just suctioning alone of the flanks will give the perception of a more projecting buttock.  Further shaping of the buttock can also be obtained by using the fat suctioned from the flank and injecting into the buttock.  This gives more projection or either a more rounded contour to the buttock.





This is a 33YO lady who complains of excessive fat on the back and flank area.  She complains of indentions on the back where she has fat that is adherent and rolling over.  She underwent liposuction of the flank and bra area as well as release of the fibrous adhesions of the back.  Now the back is much smoother and most of the fat has been removed.







This is a young lady that was interested in some truncal contouring.  She has had several pregnancies that have resulted in a stretched out rounded abdomen with loose skin in the lower portion.  In addition, she has a lot of fullness across the flanks which have blunted the definition of her buttocks.  She wished some definition from the rectus muscles on the anterior abdominal wall.  She underwent an abdominoplasty which included some liposuction to recreate the raffia in the midline and the edges of the rectus sheath.  This flattened her abdomen and removed the redundant skin.  Placing the scar low elevated and triangulated the mons.  The suctioned fat from her abdomen and flanks was added across the superior and superior lateral aspects of her buttock to give more projection and a more rounded appearance.  Suctioning of the flanks gave better definition of the buttocks.  She is shown 2 months after her surgery.  She has resumed all activities accept any exercises that would stress the abdominal muscle repair.






This is a lady that had a lot of excessive fat in the flank area as well as loose skin and fat in the abdomen.  She had a very flat buttock.  She wanted liposuction of the flanks and fat injections into the buttocks.  This was done and now she has a much better shape of the waist area and a projecting buttock.  This fat has been in there over 2 months.  Usually fat injections will live and remain in place long-lastingly after they have been in place for around 2 months.