Facelift (Individual Result May Vary)





This is a 62-year-old gentleman who was concerned about the excessive looseness and fat in his neck.  He has lost the mandibular border.  There is no distinct separation between the face and the neck.  The pictures are about 9 months after his face and neck lift.  His neck has remained tight and his face has held up really well.  He now looks and feels much younger and more vibrant.





This is a 57-year-old lady who desires some cosmetic improvement of her facial appearance.  When I examined her, I could tell that she had pretty eyes and strong cheek bones, as well as a good jaw line.  However, all of this had been lost due to aging and gravitational forces.  She had a lot of puffiness and indentions around her lower eyelids also.  The patient underwent a face, neck, and brow lift.  Fat grafts were done to the lower eyelid area.  Now you can see that her eyes appear much brighter and the indentions around the eyelids have been much improved with the fat grafting.  You can also see a strong border of the mandible from the removal of fat from the neck.  The neck has been tightened and reshaped giving her a much youthful looking appearance.  I was able to recognize the true beauty of this patient and was able to recapture it for her.





This is a 60-year-old lady who complained of a tired appearance to her face.  She was also developing some jowling.  Her eyes were not as bright as she desired.  She underwent a face, neck, and brow lift.  She also underwent a transconjunctival lower lid blepharoplasty.  Fat grafts were placed in the tear trough deformities around the eyes.  Post op results show her where the neck has been tightened and all the looseness around the neck, mouth, and brow area have been corrected.  Fat has been used to help fill in some of the hollowness around the lower lids.





This is a 63-year-old lady who was seeing me about some cosmetic improvement of her face.  She had a lot of looseness in the neck with generalized losseness in the midface and the brow.  She also had some marked tear trough deformities in her lower lids.  She underwent a face, neck, and brow lift.  I also did fat injections around the marionette area of the mouth and in the tear trough areas of her lower lids.  We have greatly improved the defined circles around the lower lids without doing a blepharoplasty on her.  We filled out some of the indentions around the inferior lateral portion of the mouth and the marionette area.  Her neck has been uplifted and tightened.  Overall, she has a much more refreshed and vibrant appearance.





This is a 72-year-old lady who desires some cosmetic improvement of her face.  She noted she was getting excessive fat in the neck and the face is just hanging without a vibrant appearance.  The brows are quite low making her eyes look small and affecting her vision.  She underwent a facelift, neck lift, and endoscopic brow lift.  She also underwent some fat grafting to the area in front  of the jowling to help smooth off the mandibular border, fat grafting of the lower lids, and fat grafting of the lower lateral mouth area.  Postoperatively, her neck is greatly improved.  We have corrected teh looseness and hanging areas of the face as well as the hanging skin and fat around the mouth and nasolabial fold area.  The eyes look much brighter now that the browlift has been performed.