Facelift (Individual Result May Vary)





This is a 66-year-old lady who complained of having a tired appearance of her face. Also, she did not like the looseness in the neck and the wrinkles around the sides of the mouth. She underwent a face, neck, and brow lift and fat grafting to the area around the lower lids and below the lateral mouth area. We have been able to tighten up the neck and recreate a jaw line and remove a lot of the wrinkles and loose skin of the face and the brow area. She now appears much more refreshed and still looks like the same person. She does not have any of the tight and pulled skin that some surgeon's leave their patients with. This is due to the fact that we were able to tighten her muscles with a deep layer and thus take the tension off the skin and add fat grafting to areas that needed more fat.





This is a 60-year-old lady who was concerned with some excessive fat in the neck with loss of her jaw line and generalized looseness of her face. She underwent a face and neck lift with some fat grafting to the area between the chin and the jowl to help fill in some of the indentions in this area. She now has a distinct mandibular border and a nice curvature to her neck.





This attractive lady has noticed, with aging, some looseness of the neck skin and loss of the distinction along her jaw line. In addition, she wished some improvement in her brow contouring; she underwent a brow and facelift with repair of the neck muscles. Her photographs are shown about 3 months postoperatively with a much improved neck and jaw line contour and appearance of the periorbital regions. She is quite happy with the results of her surgery and has gotten a quite nice result.





This is a 56-year-old gentleman who was concerned with some excessive looseness in his face. He started getting looseness around the jowl area and his neck and descent of his midface. He did not like the turkey gobbler neck that he was getting. The patient underwent a face and neck lift. Postoperatively shows his jaw line now is much more pronounced. Also, we eliminated the turkey gobbler in the neck and tightened the jowling area.




This lady is quite healthy and active. She wishes for some improvement in her face. She specifically wanted improvement along the border of the jaw bone and the neck line. She also wished some reduction in the size of her earlobes. She underwent a facelift with plication of the SMAS and fat injections along the mandibular border and mid face. She also had a reduction in the earlobe size. She has gotten a very nice improvement in the contour of the jaw line and improvement in the heavy wrinkles in the neck and thinning of the midline of the neck. She feels and looks considerably younger than her age.