Facelift (Individual Result May Vary)


Before n After  PATIENT 56-F



This patient is a 62 year old healthy female who wished some improvement in her facial aesthetics, primarily her jaw line and her neck. Photographs are shown pre and 2 months post operatively demonstrating a clean tight jaw line and a pleasing aesthetic neck contour. In addition to the facelift, she had fat injections to improve facial aesthetics along the orbital rim, nasal labial folds, and the jaw line.


Before n After  PATIENT 55-F



This is a 57-year-old lady who desired rejuvenation of her face. Preoperatively, she had a lot of looseness in the mouth area and lateral mouth area. She has lost fullness in the lateral mouth area around to the mandibular border. She also has banding in her neck. She had a facelift with fat grafting to lateral mouth area, buccal and jowline area. She looks significantly younger since she had her face rejuvenated and fat grafted.


Facelift Destin Before  Facelift Destin After

This is a 60-year-old lady who saw me concerning some rejuvenation of her face and removal of excessive fat in the neck. Preoperatively, you can tell she has a lot of excessive skin and fat in the neck. She has completely lost the jaw line. She also has marked indentions just below the chin where the skin is adherent to the undersurface of the mandible. Her brows are also somewhat low. The patient underwent a face, neck, and brow lift. She has had a remarkable improvement of the appearance of her face and neck.

Procedures like this can usually be done in the office.


Before n After  PATIENT 53-F



This is a 55-year-old lady who is seeing some of the classic signs of aging when people get in their 50s. She is noticing some looseness in the neck. She has loss of volume in the face, especially around the lower cheek area. She has loose skin along the jawline and loose skin in the face just lateral to the mouth.

Just simply a face and neck lift will not rejuvenate her face as much as we were able to do by tightening the skin as well as adding fat to the face area. Fat was added under the eyelid. Also, it was added to the lateral face area and the area just under the corners of the mouth. As you can see, the face is much more youthful now because the volume has been restored in the face. As people age, not only does the skin get loose and sag but also they lose volume in certain places of the face. The volume is restored with fat grafting. The fat grafting is a long lasting procedure unlike fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane. Once the fat is injected into the deficient areas and the blood supply is reestablished to the fat, the fat will remain in the face and can be very long lasting.

These procedures are usually done in the office.





This is a 66-year-old lady who desired some cosmetic improvement of her face. She has a lot of looseness in the neck with excessive fat in the neck. She also had wrinkling on the mouth and brow area. Her brows are also quite low. She had an upper and lower blepharoplasty. She also underwent a chemical peel around the mouth and lower lids. Postoperatively she looks much more refreshed. Facelifts are designed to rejuvenate people's faces. They often make patients look younger but the main thing is they look much better and much more rejuvenated. These procedures are done in the office.