Facelift (Individual Result May Vary)





This is a 45YO lady that was bothered the excessive fat in her neck and jowl area.  She was getting some looseness in her face.  Also, her chin was a little weak.  She had some indentions in front of the jowl area.  She underwent a facelift with grafting to the chin and the prejowl area.  Her neck now has a much more youthful appearance.  You can now see the defined mandibular border.  There is generalized refreshness of the face.  This procedure is done in my office under IV sedation.





This is a 55YO lady that has a lot of looseness in her face and neck and has lost a lot of fat in her face.  She has marked platysmal banding.  She underwent a face, neck, and browlift.  I also did fat grafts to her face where she was deficient in fat.  You can now see how much fuller her face appears.  The fat grafts can be a very long lasting procedure.





This is a lady that desires some cosmetic improvement of her face.  She was getting looseness in the neck with jowling.  She had lost the angle of her mandible.  The neck was getting obtuse.  She had also lost some fat in the area just below the cheeks and the lower eyelid area.  She underwent a face, neck, and browlift.  Her pre-op pictures were done in 2010.  Her post operative pictures are over 5 years after her original surgery.  She looks much better now than she did six years ago.  This procedure is usually done in the office under IV sedation. 





This is a 55YO lady who desired some rejuvenation of her face. She was a beautiful lady with very good features but she was starting to get some banding in the neck with generalized looseness of the face and some jowling. She had lost some of the fullness under the eyes where the brows were descending some. She underwent a facelift with fat grafting. This has rejuvenated her face and given her a very nice natural look. This procedure was performed in the office with IV sedation.


Before n After  PATIENT 57-F


This is a 55 year old lady who desires some refreshment of her face. She has noticed that she is getting some extra fat in the neck. She has lost the sharp angle of the neck.  Also, she has lost the angle of the jaw. She has some prominent jowling. She also has loss of volume in the lower eyelid area. She underwent a facial rejuvenation with removal of fat from the neck and injection of this fat in the inferior mouth area as well as injection of fat in the eyes. This procedure can be done in the office with local anesthesia and mild sedation.