Breast Reduction (Individual Result May Vary)





This is a 30YO lady that has some asymmetry of her breasts and a lot of drooping of the breasts.  She underwent a small breast reduction with lifting and reshaping of the breasts.  Now her nipples point forward rather down to the floor.  She has more superior fullness in the breasts and the breasts now look good in clothes and without clothes. 

PATIENT 34-RED                                                          

Before n After                              



This lady was referred for consideration of her breast size and associated neck, back, and shoulder symptoms. She had been on anti-inflammatories and anti-muscle spasm pills which have not been very helpful. She is 5'2" tall and weighs 170lbs. and is a 36DD. Her complaints centered around interscapular back pain and some low back pain. She has painful shoulder indentations and posterior neck pain. She had numbness and tingling involving the right fourth and fifth fingers. She underwent a breast reduction using the superior medial technique removing between 600-700 grams from each breast. She is now a C cup and her breasts are back up on her chest. Her scars are soft and flat. She has upper pole fullness in the upper portion of the breast. It is an advantage of the superior medial reduction technique. Her symptomatology relating to her neck, back, and shoulders and tingling in the fingers have completely resolved.


Before n After  



This is a 39YO lady who presented with large, ptotic breasts. She desired to have the breasts reduced in size as well as reshaped. She noted that she was having neck and shoulder pains due to the heavy breasts and the heavy breasts were also interfering with activities.

The patient underwent a medial pedicle breast reduction. We have uplifted the breasts and reshaped the breasts. She now looks much better and feels better.

Insurance paid for most of this procedure for her.