Breast Reduction (Individual Result May Vary)





This is a 25YO lady from Bainbridge, Georgia. She has been having chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain. Her physician recommended a bilateral breast reduction. This is a procedure that helps neck and shoulder pain significantly. It also makes patients appear that they have lost weight by removing a few pounds of breast tissue. At the same time, the breasts can be reshaped and the nipples uplifted. This procedure can make you not only look better, but feel better by relieving the neck, back, and shoulder pains.

Insurance will usually pay a significant portion of this procedure. Her photographs show her prior to surgery and then several months after surgery.





This is a 45YO lady that was having chronic neck and shoulder pains due to her heavy breasts.  She desired a breast reduction.  Preoperatively she was a 36DD and postoperatively, she is now a full 36C.  This has helped her neck and shoulder pains as well as uplifted and re-shaped her breasts.  This is a procedure that insurance will pay for.  It is done in the hospital with an overnight stay.  Usually you will be off work for about a week or less.





This is a 55YO lady who originally saw us for consideration for a breast reduction.  She is 5’0” tall and weighs 140lbs.  Her breast size is a 36DD.  She had complained primarily of left-sided arm pain with tingling and weakness.  She has seen numerous orthopedic groups in the wiregrass area and undergone periods of physical therapy.  She had a MRI done to evaluate that did not demonstrate anything that matched her symptomatology.  On exam, she had large, dense, pendulous breasts with indentations across the leading edge of the trapezius (shoulders).  Deep palpation above the collar bone reproduced her symptomatology which is compatible with nerve compression from her breasts.  This is all related to the size of her breasts.  She underwent a breast reduction with free nipple grafting.  Post operatively, she has had complete resolution of her symptoms.  Her breast size is a C cup.  She is able to wear more appropriate and attractive fitted clothing.  She is thrilled with the results of her surgery and resolution of her symptomatology.