Breast Reduction (Individual Result May Vary)





This is a 25YO lady from Enterprise, Alabama.  She is having chronic neck and shoulder pains due to her large breasts.  Also, she has been unable to do the activities she desires because of her large breasts.  She is also developing some early grooving where the bra straps go across her shoulders.  These are common complaints for people that have large breasts.  She desires to have a breast reduction performed. 

Shown below you will see the pre-op and post-op pictures of the breasts.  We have uplifted the nipple areolar complex and reshaped the breasts.  Also, we have made her significantly smaller so her clothes fit much better.  She went from a DD to full C cup. 

She has already noticed that she can do many activities that she couldn’t do before.  Her neck and shoulder pain have resolved. 

This procedure is usually covered by major reputable insurance companies.

The procedure is done as an overnight admission to the hospital.

Usually you may resume driving in a couple of days and take a shower the next day prior to leaving the hospital.





This is a young college student who I saw for consideration for a breast reduction.  She is 5’9” tall and weighs 200lbs.  She wore a 40DD.  She had complaints consisting of painful shoulder grooving, interscapular back pain, and neck pain.  She had treated this with over the counter medications and tried numerous support bras to no avail.  She is broad-shouldered and statuesque with large, dense, pendulous breasts.  Her breasts were fairly equal in size.  She underwent a breast reduction using the superior medial technique.  I removed about 700 grams from the right and 600 grams from the left.  This technique facilitates arrangement of breast tissue to gain some upper pole fullness.  This is not obtained by using any of the other reduction techniques.  She is a large C.  Because of her smaller breasts, she has been able to exercise more effectively and has lost almost 30lbs.  She has maintained nipple sensation on both sides.  She has gotten near complete resolution of her symptomatology and has gotten a very nice cosmetic result.




This is a 150lb. lady with 36DD breasts. She was referred by her OBGYN for consideration for a breast reduction.  She had longstanding back pain and spasms.  This occurred in her back, neck, and shoulders.  She had occipital headaches as well and frontal migraines.  She had numbness and tingling in the digits of both hands.  She underwent a breast reduction.  In addition to making her breasts smaller, her breasts were lifted up off her abdomen and back up on her chest.  I was able to address the asymmetry between the breasts also.  The breast reduction was done using a superior medial technique which is a more modern method for doing this surgery.  It facilitates better contouring of the upper pole of the breasts.  Afterwards, she has had near complete resolution of her symptomatology. She has maintained most of her nipple sensation.  She is a C cup in most bra lines.  Her breasts are nicely shaped and symmetrical.  The scars are flat and soft.  The redness will continue to improve over time.  The shoulder indentations can be addressed with liposuction and fat grafting.  She is shown pre and post operatively with photographs that were taken about 2 months after her surgery.