Breast Augmentation Before & After Photo Gallery

This is a 43-year-old lady from Defuniak Springs, Florida.  She has lost breast volume due to child bearing.  This has resulted in loss of all the fullness in the superior portion of the breasts, and the nipples and breasts are hanging.  She underwent a 300 cc silicone gel breast augmentation.  We have corrected all the deformities that she had.  She is now a C cup.

This is an 18-year-old young lady who has reached he adult maturity has not developed any significant breasts.  She has trouble wearing swimsuits and many bras.  She underwent a breast augmentation.  Now, she has breasts that have a nice shap and has plenty of volume for her small frame.


This lady has had 4 children and lost volume and projection of her breasts.  She was an A cup prior to her pregnancies and got as large as a large B with her pregnancies.  She wished to be a full C/small D with some upper pole fullness.  She had some mild asymmetry in breast size.  She underwent a transaxillary breast augmentation with saline implants, 350cc on the right and 330 cc on the left.  Her results have been gratifying.  She has maintained nipple sensation and sensation in the inner arms on both sides.  Her symmetry is excellent.  The implants are soft and displace nicely.  She is quite pleased with the results of her surgery.