Breast Augmentation Before & After Photo Gallery (Individual Results May Vary)





This is a 50-year-old lady from Destin, FL that has had a previous breast reduction. She has lost some weight since her reduction and lost breast tissue. She desires to have more fullness in her breasts now. She underwent a bilateral breast augmentation. Now her breasts are fuller and the loose skin around the chest has been tightened by the augmentation.




This is a 38-year-old feamle who at present is an A cup.  She has never been any larger than she is presently and wished to be augmented to a C with some slight upper pole fullness.  She wished to avoid scars on the breasts and her breasts were such that a transaxillary route was chosen.  In the office, she had the opportunity to try several implant sizes to get an idea of what she wanted to look like and what was possible within the limitations of her breast tissue.  She ultimately underwent a transaxillary breast augmentation with saline implants, 330cc implants filled to 330 on the right and 350 on the left.  She has gotten an excellent result with good symmetry, sensate nipples and inner arms, and is buying C cupped size bras.





This is a 40-year-old female who lost a large portion of her breast volume with the birth of her children.  She wished enlargement in a large C, small D range with some slight upper pole fullness.  She did not wish any scars on the breasts themselves.  During the office consultation, she had the opportunity to try various implant sizes that were compatible with her breast tissues, ultimately choosing an implant in the high 300cc range.  She underwent a transaxillary breast augmentation using saline implants, 360cc filled to 390cc bilaterally.  She is in large C, small D sized bras.  Her nipples and inner arms remained sensate.  She is very pleased with the nice result she has obtained.