Breast Augmentation Before & After Photo Gallery

This is a 50-year-old lady from Destin, FL that has had a previous breast reduction. She has lost some weight since her reduction and lost breast tissue. She desires to have more fullness in her breasts now. She underwent a bilateral breast augmentation. Now her breasts are fuller and the loose skin around the chest has been tightened by the augmentation.

This is a 40-year-old lady from Atlanta, GA who desires some cosmetic improvement of her breasts. She has lost superior fullness in her breasts and the breasts are falling inferior. She underwent a bilateral breast augmentation. She now has breasts that appear uplifted and much fuller. She did not have a breast lift. The implants have filled the tissue enough that it gives her appearance that the breasts have been somewhat uplifted.

This is a 30-year-old lady who has lost volume in her breasts.  The breasts have also descended inferiorly making her lose all of her superior fullness to the breasts.  The patient underwent a bilateral breast augmentation with 400cc silicone gel implants.  Postoperatively shows the nipples have been lifted.  She now has fullness in the upper and lower portion of the breasts.

This is a 38-year-old feamle who at present is an A cup.  She has never been any larger than she is presently and wished to be augmented to a C with some slight upper pole fullness.  She wished to avoid scars on the breasts and her breasts were such that a transaxillary route was chosen.  In the office, she had the opportunity to try several implant sizes to get an idea of what she wanted to look like and what was possible within the limitations of her breast tissue.  She ultimately underwent a transaxillary breast augmentation with saline implants, 330cc implants filled to 330 on the right and 350 on the left.  She has gotten an excellent result with good symmetry, sensate nipples and inner arms, and is buying C cupped size bras.

This is a 40-year-old female who lost a large portion of her breast volume with the birth of her children.  She wished enlargement in a large C, small D range with some slight upper pole fullness.  She did not wish any scars on the breasts themselves.  During the office consultation, she had the opportunity to try various implant sizes that were compatible with her breast tissues, ultimately choosing an implant in the high 300cc range.  She underwent a transaxillary breast augmentation using saline implants, 360cc filled to 390cc bilaterally.  She is in large C, small D sized bras.  Her nipples and inner arms remained sensate.  She is very pleased with the nice result she has obtained.

This is a 38-year-old lady from Chipley, FL who desires some cosmetic improvement of her breasts.  She has lost all superior fullness of her breasts.  She complains that she looks flat whenever she wears swimsuit tops, sun dresses, and many blouses.  She underwent a bilateral breast augmentation.  This has filled out the breasts and gave her the superior fullness she desires as well as making her go up to a full C from a small B.

This is a 28-year-old lady from Marianna, FL who desires a breast augmentation.  She complains of not being able to buy swimsuits because the top is too large for the bottom.  She does not fill out the swimsuits and feels that she needs to wear swimsuits with a padded top.  She complains of the inability to wear tank tops and sun dresses.  Postoperatively, she is 3 months after a submuscular breast augmenation.  She now can wear any type of revealing clothes that she desires and have a nice, natural appearance.

This is 38-year-old lady from Birmingham, AL  who desires a breast augmentation.  She has some looseness of hr breasts after childbearing.  The patient underwent a bilateral breast augmentation using 400 cc silicone gel implants.  Postoperative, we have the breasts reshaped and filled out.  The implants and breasts are in good position.

This patient had several children and has lost volume and fullness in her breasts from her pregnancies.  In addition, she has had some cysts removed from the right breast.  She wished to be back in the C cup range with some fullness in the upper poles.  She was seen in the office and used the implant trials to get a general idea of the size she wished to be.  She had adequate breast tissue to be a good candidate for saline implants.  She underwent augmentation through an inframammary approach.  She is very pleased with the size and shape of her breasts.  She has the breast projection that she wished and is able to fill out and look more attractive in clothing.

This is a 25-year-old lady from Atlanta, GA  who desires a breast augmentation.  Preoperatively, her right breast was about half a centimeter higher at the inframammary fold than the left.  The patient underwent a bilateral submuscular breast augmentation with silicone gel implants.  The right inframammary fold was lowered to make the breasts more symmetrical.  She is now quite symmetrical and can now wear any type of evening or swimwear that she desires.

This is a 23-year-old who has had one child.  She is a 34 A cup.  She got as large as a C cup with her pregnancy.  She wished enlargement back to the C cup range.  She wished the transaxillary approach to keep the scars off the breasts and as hidden as possible.  She was seen preoperatively and liked the 330 cc implants.  In surgery, the 330 cc implants filled out her breast sleeves nicely and provided for the upper pole fullness that she desired.  Postoperatively, she is in a C cup.  She is pleased with her new figure and the ability it has given her to wear attractive summer clothing.

This patient is a 34-year-old who lost volume, projection and upper pole fullness following the birth of her two children.  She is a B cup and wished enlargement into the D cup range.  She was seen in the office where she was given the opportunity to view herself in the mirror with the various sized implant trials.  We came up with a treatment plan that involved a transaxillary approach with saline implants.  She was augmented with McGhan Syle 68MP implants wiht 460cc on the right and 480cc on the left.  She has been thrilled with the results.  She is presently in a large D cup and has regained the projection and upper pole fullness that she desired.

This is a 50-year-old patient that had lost a great deal of volume, upper pole fullness and projection following her pregnancies.  She is a C cup and wished to be back to the D size breasts that she had prior to her pregnancies.  Her nipple areolar complexes were a little low on the breast.  She tried the various implant trials in the office and decided on implants in the high 300 cc range.  She underwent a superior crescent breast augmentation with the saline smooth surface implants, 360cc on the left side and 380cc on the right.  She is now a D cup.  She has fullness in the upper poles.  She is pleased with the increased size and the fullness of her breasts.

This is a 23-year-old lady who presents with some asymmetry of the breasts and some mild ptosis of the nipple areolar complex.  The right breast was a little smaller.  She underwent a bilateral saline breast augmentation with 400 cc placed in the right side and 350 cc in the left.  A superior crescent incision was done so the nipple areolar complex could be elevated to a more desirable position.  Now the breasts are even in size and the nipples are pointing anteriorly rather than pointing inferiorly as they were prior to the surgery.

This is a 22-year-old lady who presents with marked asymmetry of the breasts.  The right breast is about 1/2 inch higher and is also smaller than the left breast.  They have a total different shape.  The patient underwent breast augmentation with 375 cc in the right side and 335 cc in the left.  The right crease was lower and now the breasts are symmetrical.