Breast Augmentation Before & After Photo Gallery (Individual Results May Vary)





This young lady wished improvement in her breast size. She wished implants to get her into the large C small D with moderate upper pole fullness. She is broad shouldered with a very well defined waist with nicely formed, but small breasts. She underwent augmentation with Natrelle 320cc silicone gel implants. She is a large C cup. Her nipples have remained sensate. She has all in all gotten a very nice result.





This younger lady from the Florida coast is wishing some improvement in her breast size appropriate for the prominent curves in the rest of her figure. She is 5'4", 150 pounds. She is a B cup but got as large as a D with her pregnancy. She wished to be a D cup with upper pole fullness. In the office, during the consultation, she tired and liked the 500 cc trials. Intraoperatively, it was found that the 460 cc implants gave her the contour that she wished. She is thrilled with the results of her surgery. She is a DD in Victoria's Secret bras. The nipples have remained sensate. The scars are flat and soft and the redness is resolving. Preop and postop photographs are shown. 


Before n After                                                                                                                                                                       



This is a 50-year-old lady from Crestview, Florida who desires some cosmetic improvement of her breasts. She has lost fullness in the breasts. She notes that she has problems wearing swimsuits and summer clothing because of the fact she has no breasts to hold up the upper portion of the clothes.

She underwent a submuscular breast augmentation with 420 cc silicone implants. Now, the breasts are much more proportioned to her body. This allows her to wear any type of clothing that she desires to wear, whether it is swimsuits, evening wear or summer clothing.





This young lady is 5'2", 140 pounds. Preoperatively she was a large B. She wished larger projecting breasts with pronounced upper pole fullness. As she had a good, thick layer of breast tissue, she was a good candidate for saline as opposed to gel implants. She underwent augmentation with salines, the inframammary crease approach. She has 390 cc placed in the left breast and 270 cc in the right. She has maintained nipple sensation. She has excellent symmetry. The implants remain soft. The inframammary creases remain sharp. Her bra size is a 38 DD. In profile, she has a good upper pole fullness and excellent projection.





This is a 25-year-old lady from Panama City, Florida. She is seeing me concerning some cosmetic improvement of the breasts. When I examined her breasts preoperatively, her breasts had some mild drooping to them. I was able to correct the drooping that she had by putting my implants in just a little lower and freeing some of the inferior breast tissue. Postoperatively, the breasts do not appear droopy at all whereas preoperatively she had some early droop in the breasts.

Her clothes now fit her much better and her breasts are much more proportioned to her body.





This is a 53-year-old lady who desires some cosmetic improvement of her breasts. She has some mild ptosis of the breasts and the nipples are a little low. With the breasts being low, she was borderline in needing a mastopexy. I was able to adjust the breasts and adjust the position of the implants so that she has the appearance of having a mastopexy but without having the extra scarring and expense of a mastopexy.

As you can see from the pre-op views, her breasts are low and the nipples are low. Postoperatively, the implants are in good position to the nipple and the rest of the breast tissue.




This is a 45-year-old lady who desires a breast augmentation. She does have some ptosis of the breasts. This means that the nipple is lower than ideal. However, I was able to do a breast augmentation and insert my implants just a little lower than normal. This has made the nipples look like they are pointing more anteriorly and has helped correct some of the droop of the breasts. We were able to improve the appearance of her breasts without a mastopexy.




This young lady is stationed at a local military installation. She was an A cup and got as large as a B with pregnancies. She wanted good projection but did not want the roundness in the upper pole associated with round implants. Sizers were used during her preoperative visit to confirm the amount of projection she wished to see and this was matched along with her breast measurements to come up with a custom surgical plan to address her desired outcome. She had the 235 FM implants implanted via an inframammary approach. She is extremely pleased with the more natural shape associated with her desired projection.





This lady is 5'4" tall and 144 pounds. She is a 34 B. She got as large as a C with her pregnancies. She had good breast tissue coverage and was a good candidate and chose saline implants. In the office, she tried the various implant trials and decided on a 400 cc implant. This size gave her the projection she desired. She also wished to see moderate upper pole fullness. We decided in the office that I would increase or decrease the size of the implant she chose depending on what size gave her the contour she wished to see. She was carried to the operating room. She underwent an augmentation via an inframammary approach with smooth saline implants, 400 cc on the smaller right side and 390 on the larger left. Postoperative bra sizing put her in a 34 D. The breasts are symmetrical. The upper pole fullness is excellent. The creases are sharp and the implants displace nicely within the implant pocket, which is deep under the pectoralis major muscle.





This is a 53-year-old lady from Panama City Beach, FL who desires some cosmetic improvement of her breasts. She lost superior fullness in the breasts and the breasts had no tone. She had problems wearing swimsuits and any type of revealing tops or dresses. She underwent a 400 cc submuscular breast augmentation. Her breasts are now much fuller and she has a nice, natural shape to the breasts as well as excellent superior fullness of the breasts. She says she can now wear any type of clothing she desires.





This is a young woman who saw us for evaluation for a breast augmentation. She is 5'9" and 145 pounds. She is a breast cup size 32A. She has had several children and her breasts got maybe a cup size larger with her pregnancies. She wished her breasts to be as large as possible with significant upper pole fullness short of being able to see the outline of the implants. She had a great deal of mobility in the breast parenchyma itself and wished the scars to be located off the breasts. In addition, she desired the saline implants as opposed to gels. She was a perfect candidate for a transaxillary breast augmentation. She underwent augmentation through the transaxillary approach with saline implants putting a 360cc implant in on the left and a 390 on the right. Postoperatively, her breast size is a full C with maintained sensation in the nipples. The breasts are soft. The symmetry is excellent. The improved shape and contour of her chest is nicely accentuated in already a pleasing figure.





This is a 25-year-old lady from Panama City, FL. She has some postpartum loss of volume in her breasts after pregnancy. The breasts are starting to look somewhat saggy and she has lost all of the superior fullness. She underwent a submuscular breast augmentation with saline implants. This has filled out her breasts in the upper poles and lower poles. The nipples appear to project more anteriorly.





This is a 30-year-old lady who complains of loss of volume in the breasts after having children. Her breasts are somewhat droopy and flattened. We were able to uplift the breasts and give her more fullness inferiorly and superiorly without having to do a mastopexy on her. We just did a submuscular breast augmentation on her. She is now able to fill out her clothes much better.





This is a 21-year-old lady who had tuberous type breasts. These are breasts that have a narrow base with a very projecting areolar. I did a breast augmentation with gel implants. She has done extremely well from this and we have corrected the tuberous breasts that she had. We also lowered the inframammary fold a little and this has made it appear that the nipple is more centered under the breast.





This is a 20-year-old lady from Panama City, FL who desires a breast augmentation. She underwent a bilateral submuscular breast augmentation with silicone gel implants. She was a small B preoperatively and now she is a small D. The breasts seem to fit her frame real well. Now she can wear any type of swimsuits or formal attire and look good in these.