Breast Augmentation







This is a young lady who has had several pregnancies delivered by C-sections.  She has lost a good bit of volume in her breasts over time and has developed a rounded, stretched out abdominal contour.  She wished augmentation to a D cup with upper pole fullness and a flattened more contoured abdomen.  Also, she had moderate flank collections.  She underwent bilateral breast augmentation with saline implants, abdominoplasty, and suctioning of the flanks.  She had dual plane placement of 450cc implants.  She had some small wound healing issues is the suprapubic area that ultimately healed in secondarily and revised at a later sitting.  The photographs are shown post operatively 2 months after the suprapubic scar revision.  She is now a D cup with sensate nipples.  She has a nice contour of the abdomen and flanks as well as nice buttock projection.  The abdominoplasty scar is low so that it can be hidden by intimate apparel.  Her breast size is nicely proportioned in relation to her shoulder width and now defined waist.




This is a 35YO lady that has had a previous breast augmentation by another surgeon.  The inferior poles of her breasts have stretched.  This has made the nipples look high and the implants look too low.  She has lost all the superior fullness in her breasts.  I have done a reconstructive mastopexy on her.  Now the nipples appear to be in the more appropriate position and the breasts have a much better shape. 





This is a 30ish female that I am seeing for consideration for a breast augmentation.  After the birth of her child, she had lost some fullness in the upper poles of the breasts.  Her issues were to get her breasts back up on her chest and off her abdomen as well as gain some projection and symmetry.  The left breast was considerably larger than her right breast.  She underwent an augmentation/mastopexy with saline implants using a 450cc implant on the right side and 400cc on the left.  Her post operative pictures are 2 months out.  Her nipples have remained sensate.  The breasts are more symmetrical on her chest.  She is a 36D.  She has gotten a very nice result.  She is quite pleased with the results.