Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is a condition that affects more than a third of the total male population in the world. It does not pose a threat to one’s health but it may impose the feeling of humiliation or embarrassment which can impair one’s self-confidence. Fortunately, there are treatments that come in the forms of medication or surgery which both have been proven to be effective.

What Are the Four Kinds of Brachioplasty

Arms become “flabby” with advancing age or major weight loss. Some patients have excess skin ,or excess fat, and many times it’s a combination of both. Brachioplasty removes excess upper arm skin or fat and creates an incision that extends from the underarm area to the elbow.  There is four different types of brachioplasty which you may consider depending on your individual goals and the severity of your excess skin.

Facelift Procedure Guidance

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, lifts and firms sagging tissues in the face and neck, improving the visible signs of aging. Facial aging can stem from a variety of factors, including sun damage, smoking, thinning of the skin, lack of facial fat, as well as heredity and stress. Skin begins to lose elasticity and facial tissue loses volume as we age, causing "jowls" in the lower face and neck. By removing the excess facial skin, facelifts can restore a patient's face to a more natural youthful appearance. If you are bothered by any of these factors, a facelift may be a solution.

Dr. Feagin Visits Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr. Feagin has recently returned from the Facial and Rhinoplasty Aesthetic Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This symposium is designed so that many of the most experienced 150 cosmetic plastic surgeons could meet and discuss the latest and most effective methods for facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Feagin represented the practice of Feagin & Owen Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

Modern Rejuvenation of the face involves more than just pulling the skin tight as was done in the past.  That caused the unnatural, “windblown” look that we all found unappealing.

Mastopexy Types, Incisions, and Scar

Mastopexy, also known as a breast lift, is designed to improve the shape and positions of the breasts that are sagging or appear uneven. The nipple is positioned to its normal location and the tissue of the breasts is redistributed to shape the breasts to a youthful, more pleasing appearance.  A mastopexy enhances the breasts by restoring breast projection and improves the shape and symmetry of the breasts.  It will not significantly change the size of the breasts unless the breast lift is done in conjunction with a breast augmentation or reduction.

Facial Aging Process


Signs of Facial Aging

With age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes the realization that there are advantages in spite of age to look our best.  A more youthful appearance is deemed important in our romantic life, work life, and individually as how we see and project ourselves to the outside world. 

Mommy Makeover Information

Mommy Makeover surgery is a marketing term used to describe any number of different surgeries designed to reverse the unfavorable changes to the body after pregnancies.

Liposuction Surgery Information

Liposuction surgery is one of the more popular procedures done to date.  Localized fat collections may be removed safely by many different types of liposuction procedures.  All of the invasive liposuction procedures are safe in trained hands and are basically equally effective. 

Is Rhinoplasty Something I Should Consider

One of the more popular facial cosmetic operations is surgery to change the appearance and or the function of the nose.  The operation is called a rhinoplasty and depending on what exactly is done during the operation, it can change the appearance, the function, or both.  A rhinoplasty may be combined with surgery on the septum if a deviated septum is causing airway obstructive symptoms.  Also the septum serves as a source of cartilage used to change the outward appearance of the nose. 

Blepharoplasty Procedures

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure done to improve the appearance of one’s eyes. Also, it may improve the vision if redundant skin is obstructing. Insurance will often pay for an upper lid blepharoplasty if there are visual field defects caused by the excess skin. An upper lid blepharoplasty will excise excess skin and fat in the eyelids.