How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost?

We Make Understanding Cosmetic Surgery Costs Easy!


Talking about the cost of plastic surgery is hard because plastic surgery involves several things you simply can't put a price on. Of course, your health is priceless, and no amount of money is worth getting a plastic surgery procedure with a surgeon that is not formally trained in cosmetic plastic surgery and extensively experienced in the procedure you need.  You also want surgeons that have a reputation to take care of you and do everything possible to ensure your safety.

Cosmetic Surgery Price List

And, of course, there is the quality of the results. Beauty is impossible to put a price tag on, as is the confidence you feel at your improved appearance. Whether you want to walk into a room and feel the silent thrill that passes through everyone who notices how good you look or just love the person you see in the mirror every day, quality results can make you feel better every single day of your life, while poor results can do just the opposite. No amount of savings is worth taking that risk.

For these reasons, it is important that you not consider cost when selecting your plastic surgeon. A discount "cosmetic surgeon" may be licensed as an ophthalmologist, pediatrician, or other medical specialty and have little to no training the procedure you are considering. Learn more about the importance of choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon. On the other hand, a pricey doctor may just have an inflated opinion of himself or hope to use price to give the appearance of quality. Select your surgeon on the basis of skills, your comfort with him, and, of course the results you see in his before and after gallery.

At the Feagin and Owen cosmetic plastic surgery center, we strive to provide you with the highest quality and most updated cosmetic plastic surgery procedures available while keeping prices low enough to be affordable to working men and women of South Alabama, North Florida and Southeast Georgia.

Affordability of Plastic Surgery

Although price should not be a deciding factor in choosing your surgeon, it is a factor in deciding whether you should have plastic surgery. Fortunately, these days plastic surgery is highly affordable.

For many procedures, health insurance can cover some or all of the cost. At the Feagin & Owen Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center, we have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and know how to meet insurance companies conditions for covering many different procedures, including breast reduction, breast reconstruction, eyelid surgery, and otoplasty.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery that is not covered by insurance, we work with one financing company that can help you work out payment plans that make your surgery more affordable. We believe CareCredit is a good option for our patients. You can apply at online now, or we can help you with your applications during your consultation.

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There may be fees when choosing CareCredit because the prices we quote are cash prices.

We understand that when it comes to finances, there are many demands on your limited resources and it can be hard to find the money you need to get the cosmetic plastic surgery you desire. We work with you to remove the barriers that might stop you from getting the quality results that can really make a difference in your life. If you have questions about the cost or affordability of cosmetic plastic surgery, please call or email us today for answers.