This is a 30YO lady from Fort Walton Beach, FL that desired some improvement of her abdomen and flank area.  She has a protuberant lower abdomen with a lot of loose skin and stretch marks.  She also has some fat in the flank area.  This keeps her from having a nice shape to her waist.  The patient underwent an abdominoplasty and liposuction of the flanks.  Her abdomen is now tight and flat.  She now has a good shape to the waist.  She now has a nice curvature to the waist area as a result of the liposuction to her flanks.  Her clothes fit much better in her waist and she now has a more feminine and attractive figure.







This is a young lady that has had several children and wanted some improvement in her torso.  Childbirth had caused her to lose her waistline.  She had developed a more rounded, protuberant abdomen with some loose skin.  She had developed some fat across the ribs above her abdomen also.  She had developed more square shape as opposed to a more contoured figure.  She had lost her buttock projection and had some deficiency in the roundness of her buttock laterally.  She underwent an abdominoplasty with suctioning of her flanks with fat grafting to her buttocks.  This was done primarily to improve the round contour of her buttock as opposed to more projection.  We suctioned the flank to create a more concave contour which in return creates the illusion of a greater buttock projection.  She has gotten a very nice improvement in her abdomen, flanks, and buttocks.  She finds now that her clothing fits more appropriately and her contour is more feminine.  It has given her a much greater sense of satisfaction in her self esteem.





This is lady that I saw for some contouring surgery.  She had been on a weight loss program that included exercise which pretty much plateaued.  She wanted improvement in her breasts, flanks, and abdomen.  She had a relatively square torso, slight abdominal pannus with a rounded abdomen, and a diastasis (separation of the rectus muscles in the midline).  Her flank collections were moderate.  She had good projection on her buttocks.  She had a significant amount of fat inside her abdominal cavity which does limit how tight you can get the diastasis repair.  She underwent a series of operations.  The first was augmentation/mastopexy.  She wanted her breasts larger and back up on her chest.  In her case, we were able to accomplish that with scars about the circumference of the areola.  She retained nipple sensation.  Her breasts are now bigger and much fuller that no longer rest on her abdomen.  She subsequently underwent an abdominoplasty with some suctioning of her flanks.  The suctioning of the flanks was mainly to help define the iliac crest.  The muscles were repaired and the excess skin was excised.  This also had the secondary benefit of elevating and flattening the mons pubis.  She is shown 2 months post operatively from the abdominoplasty and suctioning.  She still has some swelling in the lower abdomen and across the flanks which will continue to improve over time.  The operation has helped define her waist and made her breasts more proportional to her body size and shape.




This is a 32YO lady from Pensacola Florida.  She was interested in getting some cosmetic improvement of her abdomen.  She has a lot of loose skin on the abdomen and a protuberant lower abdomen.  It bothers her when she wears swimsuits or tight fitting jeans.

Post operative pictures show her after she has undergone an abdominoplasty.  We have tightened the skin and the abdomen is now quite flat.  The scar is still red because it is a newly formed scar but will fade with time and should barely be perceptible at all.





This lady has had a prior abdominoplasty.  This was designed with the scar considerably higher than where it is normally placed.  It makes it difficult to hide in today’s clothing.  She wished a scar revision to make it lay more flat and put it lower on her abdomen so that she could wear more revealing clothing without exposing the scar.  This was done in the operating room.  We revised and lowered the scar and defatted the mons at the same time.  She has gotten a very nice result from the surgery.  The scar is flat and soft.  It is still red but that will improve with time.  The contour of the mons is now more feminine and flat. 




This is a 32YO lady from Troy, AL who desires some cosmetic improvement of her abdomen.  She notes that she has some protuberance of the abdomen.  She says that she looks as if she is pregnant in all of her clothes because her abdomen protrudes so much.  She has some loose skin and excessive fat in the abdomen.  She underwent an abdominoplasty.  The muscles of her abdomen were tightened at the time the excessive skin and fat were removed.  She now has a flat and much tighter abdomen.  For the first 6-9 months the scar is somewhat reddened but after this, it usually fades and becomes much less noticeable.






This is a 30YO lady who has some loose skin on her abdomen and some excessive fat. The abdomen was more protuberant than she desired. She has undergone an abdominoplasty. This has tightened her skin as well as flattened the abdomen. The scars are low and barely visible.

Now she can wear any type of clothing or swimsuits that she desires.






This is a 30YO lady that desired some cosmetic improvement of her abdomen.  She has a pouch of fat below the umbilicus.  Also, she has some loose skin from child bearing.

She underwent an abdominoplasty and this has now tightened the muscles as well as remove the excessive fat she had as well as excessive skin.




This is a 40YO lady who was concerned with fullness in her flank area.  She was also concerned with some protuberance of her abdomen.  She underwent an abdominoplasty and liposuction of the flanks.  The flank area has a much better shape and we have eliminated the rolls that she had in her flank and back area.  The abdomen is now flat. 

Now, she can wear tighter fitting clothes in her waist which will help accentuate her newly shaped body.






These are pre and post op photographs and a lady that wished improvement in her abdominal contour.  She had prior abdominal operations with depressed midline and vertical scars.  She wanted her abdomen flattened and the loose skin removed.  She opted to put the incision higher on the mons to minimize any wound healing issues.  She underwent an abdominoplasty with repair of the rectus muscles, removal of the excess skin apron, and replantation of the umbilicus.  She has gotten a very nice result with marked improvement in her abdominal contour.  She healed with no wound issues.  She is very proud of her results.






This is a 25YO lady who had some loose lower abdominal skin and a lot of fat in the flanks. She had exercised intensely, but could not get rid of the extra skin in the lower abdomen and flank area. She underwent liposuction of the flanks and abdominoplasty. She now has a much better shape on her back view. Her abdomen is quite flat in the side view. The scars are still red. They usually stay red for around a year. Once the redness goes ways, the scar is not obvious at all.

Even with her scars, she can still wear any type of swimsuit she desires and look very good. All of her pants and dresses accentuate the flat abdomen that she has as well nice curves in the waist area.






This is a 55YO lady that is having trouble wearing clothes. Her abdomen is quite protuberant and she has a lot of fat in the abdomen. She says that in all of her clothes it appears that she is pregnant because her abdomen protrudes so much. She underwent an abdominoplasty. This has now flattened her abdomen, removed excessive fat, and tightened her muscles. She says that now her clothes fit great and she enjoys going places and showing off her new physique.