Belt Lipectomy







This is a young lady who has had several pregnancies delivered by C-sections.  She has lost a good bit of volume in her breasts over time and has developed a rounded, stretched out abdominal contour.  She wished augmentation to a D cup with upper pole fullness and a flattened more contoured abdomen.  Also, she had moderate flank collections.  She underwent bilateral breast augmentation with saline implants, abdominoplasty, and suctioning of the flanks.  She had dual plane placement of 450cc implants.  She had some small wound healing issues is the suprapubic area that ultimately healed in secondarily and revised at a later sitting.  The photographs are shown post operatively 2 months after the suprapubic scar revision.  She is now a D cup with sensate nipples.  She has a nice contour of the abdomen and flanks as well as nice buttock projection.  The abdominoplasty scar is low so that it can be hidden by intimate apparel.  Her breast size is nicely proportioned in relation to her shoulder width and now defined waist.





This is a 50YO lady that had a lot of asymmetry in her flank area.  She had a lot of bulging in the flank.  It is quite asymmetrical.  The buttocks were very flat.  She underwent a belt lipectomy and fat grafting to the buttocks.  She has a much better shape to her posterior side.  Her flanks look really good and she is now curved in where she was bulging out.  You can tell from the side view how flat her abdomen is now.  She had a very protuberant abdomen prior to the surgery. 

She says this has changed how she wears clothing and can now wear any type of clothes that she desires.






This is a 40YO lady that had trouble losing weight in the abdominal area.  She has a large hanging abdominal panniculus.  She has a lot of thickness in her flanks and buttocks area.  She underwent a belt lipectomy.  This has removed all the loose, hanging flat of the abdomen.  It has also thinned and elevated the mons pubis.  On the posterior view, she now has a good shape to her waist and doesn’t have the excessive fullness in the upper buttock and flank area.  Also, we have been able to help some of the rolls in the lower chest and upper back area. 

She says that now her clothes fit much better and she much more confident in her appearance.






This is a 35YO lady that desired some cosmetic improvement of her waist and buttock area.  Preoperatively, she had a very thick flank area with large rolls between the flanks and the bra area.  Also, her buttocks were some flattened.  She underwent a belt lipectomy and fat grafts to the buttocks.  Now her abdomen is flat and she has a much better shape to her waist area. 

This has greatly improved how her clothes fit.  It allows her to have a much more varied wardrobe.




This is a young female who wished some improvement in her torso. She wanted primarily some improvement in her buttock and flank and her abdomen to a lesser degree. She underwent a belt lipectomy with abdominoplasty which involved removal of the fat and skin from the flank area with fat injections into the buttocks to give her a more rounded buttock appearance. She is shown several months after her surgery with a much more defined feminine contour of her backside and a more rounded buttock projection and contour. This is a nice result from a Brazilian butt lift type procedure.






This is a 50YO lady that had a large hanging panniculus and some rolls in her lower back that were bothering her. This was interfering with her wearing certain type of clothes. She underwent a belt lipectomy. I totally removed her hanging panniculus and the rolls in her back area. Now, she can wear any type of clothes she desires. Her abdomen is quite flat and it looks good in and out of her clothing.

The scars are barely noticeable after this procedure.


Before n After  PATIENT 34-BL



This is a lady that had a gastric sleeve procedure. She has lost over 100lbs. She has a lot of excessive skin in the waist area with a hanging mons pubis area.


She underwent a belt lipectomy and suspension of the mons pubis. We have been able to get rid of most of her excessive skin as well as flatten the abdomen and elevate the loose and droppy mons pubis.


Before n After  PATIENT 33-BL





This patient wanted some improvement in her truncal contour. She wished improvement in her abdomen, flanks, and breasts. On exam, she had large flank collections with convexity across the flank. She had a double pannus which covered her genitalia. The skin tone and quality across the hips was good. She underwent a belt lipectomy which included suctioning of the flanks and a limited suctioning of the upper abdomen within limits of safety. She had repair of a prominent diastasis of the rectus muscle which flattened the abdomen and gave a more pleasing contour. The low scar on the abdomen elevated, triangulated, and flattened the mons pubis. Posteriorly, her contour was changed from a "V shape to an A shape", which is aesthetically more pleasing. The suctioning and removal of excess skin across the flanks improved the contour of her buttocks. She has gotten a very, very nice result and we are now contemplating some surgery to reduce and elevate her breasts to match her more feminine torso contour.


Before n After  PATIENT 32-BL




This is a lady who desired some cosmetic improvement of her waist and buttocks. She underwent a belt lipectomy and fat injections to the buttocks. This has given her much better shape to the waist and more defined buttocks. The posterior view of her shows a marked narrowing of the flank area and the waist. This is due to fat removal in the flank area and injecting in the buttocks area. When we do fat grafting, we remove fat from one area that is too problematic and we transfer the fat to the area that needs more fat. Usually about one half of the fat that we transfer will survive and the other fat that does not survive will be absorbed by the body.


Before n After  PATIENT 31-BL




This is a 36-year-old lady from Enterprise, Alabama   who had lost a significant amount of weight. Also, she has had multiple pregnancies. This resulted in a lot of loose skin and a very protuberant abdomen. She underwent a belt lipectomy. Also, the muscles of the abdomen were repaired. Her skin is now much tighter and much flatter. Especially on the lateral view, you will note how much flatter the abdomen is and how much tighter the skin is.